About Us

Our Focus

Central Paper Company is Focused on YOU. Our strategy is to engage customers around topics that are important to them. We are concerned about helping you achieve YOUR organizational imperatives. Helping our customers be successful is key!

Our History

Central Paper Company was founded August 15th 1935. The company is privately-held and operated by the Ross family. We are based in Homewood, Alabama and serve Alabama and the contiguous states. And although many things have changed in the last 80 plus years, we are still Alabama s Home of Quality and Service .

Our Function

We distribute food service packaging and cleaning supplies and equipment.

Our Markets

Central Paper is proud to supply goods and services to most markets including food service, health-care, educational, governmental, food processing, grocery stores, building service contractors, churches and many more.

Our National Affiliation

Central Paper Company is a member/owner of Network Services Company. As a NETWORK distributor, our customers have access to a robust North American distribution system offering the best in centralized account management, deep industry experience, vast multi-site customer support infrastructure, customizable programs, and best-in-class products.

Our Capabilities

Why choose Central Paper as your supplier when there are so many options available? Our motto is  Focused on YOU . That means we concentrate on the needs of our customers. We help them control supply costs while at the same time providing the highest quality products.

Central Paper Company carries a broad line of cleaning supplies, floor cleaning equipment, food service and food packaging supplies and equipment. However, our greatest asset is our people. Our caring employees ensure that every transaction is handled carefully and in a timely fashion. It begins with selecting the right products and procedures to ensure your facilities are clean. Our packaging experts will help pick the package to display or ship your products. Our service technicians will help keep your cleaning equipment and dispensers running smoothly. Why not contact us now? We will be glad to help.